Konstantinos Dimopoulos


Following a PhD and over 10 years of research in urban planning and city geography, Konstantinos Dimopoulos moved on to combine his knowledge of urbanism with his love for designing games, and has been helping establish the young field of game urbanism ever since. From 2014 he has been designing cities, urban mechanics, civic systems, settlement concepts, and narrative geographies for several tabletop and video games , and has worked and consulted on projects such as The Sinking City, Lake, We Are Free Mice, Seed, A Place for the Unwilling, and Ex Novo.

He teaches level design, game design, and game urbanism at SAE Athens, maintains the CityCraft column in Wireframe magazine, gives talks on virtual and game urbanism, and is the author of the Virtual Cities atlas. Konstantinos Dimopoulos has also contributed to the Architectonics of Game Spaces volume, as well as to the Second Edition of Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames.


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