Kristina Wilfore

Disinformation Defense Specialist

Kristina Wilfore is the Director of Disinformation Defense Strategies at the Strategic Victory Fund where she managed the largest effort to date in the United States to help civil society organizations and election stakeholders detect, respond to, and preempt orchestrated disinformation campaigns. As an international development professional, Kristina has worked on the ground with civil society advocates, political parties and women lawmakers in over 25 countries, such as Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Kosovo, and Kenya. Kristina has designed dozens of behavioral-based advocacy campaigns against disinformation and to interrupt election-triggered violence. Kristina is co-founder of #ShePersisted, a network building the taxonomy and raising awareness about gendered disinformation both in the United States and globally. She is a founding board member of Global Gain, and host of Fatima’s Hand. Kristina is on faculty with The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs where her research and teaching focuses on global gender policy. 


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