Pelin Özkan

Chief Editor of DigitalAge and MediaCat

She graduated from the Physics Department at ODTÜ and MBA program at Boğaziçi University. She got into advertisement while still studying and started to publish MediaCat in 1993 after 12 years of a career in advertisement.

Besides MediaCat, she is the chief editor of all MediaCat publications, MediaCat Cannes Lions, which is issued in English every year, Digital Age and Pİ, which is a marketing and communications culture magazine.

She is the editor of MediaCat Books which have surpassed 800 in numbers.

With her large team, Pelin Özkan hold dozens of workshops, seminars, events such as the Digital Age Summit and Brand Week Istanbul, Felis and Women to Watch awards and Lovemarks studies every year.

She has been working in the capacity of co-manager and faculty member at Brand School, which is the Marketing Communication Post-Graduate Program of Bilgi University.


·      Hayatımız Reklam (All About that Ad) 


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