Toygun Yılmazer


  • He began his career at the internet company IXIR before moving on to TBWA\Istanbul. He worked at TBWA London and Hamburg.
  • He worked with Turkey’s leading brands, including Akbank, Turkcell and Beko.
  • He served as a jury member for Euro Effies, Effie Turkey, MediaCat Felis Awards, Kristal Elma Awards and Kirmizi.
  • He delivered talks at the Golden Drum, Kaktus Festival, and Kristal Elma Festival.
  • He was invited to deliver a talk at SXSW.
  • He leads the Disruption Workshop, a workshop based on strategy and innovation, as well as START, a strategic planning team, and NABZ, a digital insights and social media team at TBWA.


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