Co-founder Patara Labs

As an artist and researcher, he works with complicated network systems and he is the founding member of Graph Commons network mapping, analysis, and broadcasting platform. Previously Arıkan has developed software and platforms running with digital money and market models such as Open Studio (2005) art economy and Meta- Markets(2007) social media exchange market at MIT Media Lab. Arıkan has been a pioneer in the creative use of network science, given training on this topic to many individuals, groups and international institutions and provided counseling services. Arıkan’s artworks are being displayed in many museums and art institutions around the world.  He gave lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rhode Island School of Design, New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program and The New School. He has a master’s degree from MIT Media Lab, master’s degree on Visual Communication Design from Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi and licenses degree on Constructional Engineering from Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi.


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