CEO and Board Member Virtual Bank by Standard Chartered

Deniz is an internationally recognized leader in driving digital transformations and bringing new digital banking experiences to audiences globally.

At Standard Chartered, he oversees a great number of initiatives, ranging from global digital insights & strategies, client journeys, and optimizations, digital wealth initiatives to collaborations with leading tech firms and emerging start-ups. His aim is to transform the Bank into a digital business and to create fresh and exciting digital experiences. Deniz believes that by integrating banking to client’s lives seamlessly, the Bank adds the human touch that compliments people’s active and fast-paced lifestyles.

Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Deniz served as the Senior Vice President at BBVA Group’s Garanti Bank, Turkey’s most valuable company by market capitalization. His role included the management and oversight of mobile and online banking channels, ATM and voice technologies including call center, along with user experience and service design, digital marketing and communications, partnering, corporately owned websites, and social media channels.


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