New Technologies Group Manager Arçelik Innovation

Uğur has EE Engineering BS degree from Middle East Technical University located in Ankara and has an MBA degree from Dokuz Eylül University located in Izmir.

He developed a series of consumer products e.g. digital devices, TVs, payment devices, and he took various roles as the software developer, project manager, and R&D Manager, before joining Arçelik Innovation Team in 2016.

At Arçelik Innovation, Uğur has been designing intelligent, networked products and online services since last 3 years. He has been leading global engineering and business designer teams, which are in İTÜ Arı/İstanbul Technopolis, METU/Ankara Technopolis and Taipei/Taiwan.

Uğur and his teams are developing service platforms, which reside on cloud infrastructure and which are powered by AI (machine learning and deep learning). He is collaborating with global, competent partners in research and development. He believes in prototypes that work, so he encourages quick prototyping and agile development. He experiments on the integration of business development and new business model creation activities; which are related to intelligent products and services.

At Arçelik Innovation, he challenges business opportunities that arise from new services in life sciences, mobile health, smart home, conversational interfaces, and vision intelligence.


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