The Smartest Kid on the Block – Designing and Prototyping Smart Device Experiences

IoT has opened up new opportunities for business to connect with consumers by offering unique products that provide a high level of convenience and control.

Designing these product experiences comes with its own challenges and risks, as hardware and software components are often developed independently, by different teams, at different pace and location. As a result, the experience is often suboptimal leaving the user feeling unsatisfied.

What are the challenges when designing and prototyping smart device products?

What solutions can be adopted easily?

Through a case study, Chakib Labidi provides unique insights into the design and prototyping of a smart home interface concept and shares some of the challenges and practical solutions his team came up with.

By the end of the session attendees will be able to:

– Identify key roadblocks in designing and prototyping smart product concepts

– Utilize tools and methods for prototyping and testing ideas more effectively