Founder & CEO OktoPeople

OktoPeople support inner awakening and awareness, memorize and reject routine; Therefore, in 2015, who established OktoPeople and burned the first spark, Işıl preferred running 7/24 to reach his goals in the morning to 9/5. (See, every day I’m hustling is the motto of Işılud.) to learn and develop every day to raise awareness and make the world home. In management, the principles of continuous development (kaizen), collective working culture, transparency, efficiency, and agile methods are the main principles; they are trying to apply them while learning. Artificial intelligence follows the new generation of technologies that shape the UX as VR, while at the same time it creates the strategic goals and course of OktoPeople with collective consciousness with its customer-oriented and boutique service approach. During her university years, Isil trained in basic art and graphic design. He played basketball scholarship in the American College. He worked with many coaches in different characters. Sometimes he thinks coaches are cruel; in business life, he learned the necessity of discipline and rules by himself. The fact that basketball was a team sport and team players completed each other in harmony with different roles, inspired Işıl in business life; For this reason, OktoPeople has formed a team of talented and beautiful people who are involved in different disciplines and who make the principle of cooperation.


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