CTO Comodo Group Inc.

Egemen Tas is Comodo Security Solutions’ lead architect for its line of desktop security products and their core components including firewall, antivirus, HIPS, and sandbox. In this role he is responsible for all phases of the product development cycle, from product planning, research, leading the development team, and also actively coding. Before joining Comodo Group Inc. in 2005, Egemen offered consulting and vulnerability research and development services to a number of well known security software companies, corporations and governments, with a major focus on firewalls and anti-dialer/anti-sniffer tools. Egemen is also a noted “white hat” (ethical hacker) whose tools are still used today in ethical hacking courses offered worldwide, including those offered by the SANS Institute.
Egemen holds a BS in Computer Science from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.


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