Co-founder and CFO RIMUUT

My name is Esen Bulut. I am the Co-Founder/CFO of Rimuut. I was born in Istanbul in June 1984. I finished high school at Uskudar American Academy in 2003 and graduated from Boston College with a double degree in Finance and Economics in 2007. I worked as a Finance Specialist at Doğus Holding until May 2010 until I joined the family business in textiles. I was in charge of International Operations and Marketing until October 2016. At the end of 2016, my brother, Mert, and I  co-founded Rimuut. We joined Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Incubation Center in January 2017. Building our project on the basis of the inevitable shift in the workforce model in the world, we embarked on this journey to empower freelancers by equipping them with commercial and managerial tools. Aiming to be a global company, we established our company in Estonia in June 2017 and launched in our first market, Turkey, in November 2017. Currently, we offer Invoicing, Payment and Contracting services to freelancers and companies that embrace a more flexible and diversified workforce by their choice to work with freelancers. Rimuut’s ultimate goal is not only to be the top marketplace for freelance work model, but also to be the platform to provide freelancers with every single tool that they need to thrive in this amazingly growing market.

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