Dr. Behice Ece İlhan

Senior Trend Strategist & Brand Futurist

Behice provides futuristic perspectives and strategic foresight on trends and their impact on the brand landscape. Acting as a strategic partner, she helps CPG, agency and media clients make better strategic decisions and future-cast their storytelling and positioning strategies. Behice is a cultural and digital brand strategist and storyteller with deep expertise and diverse experience in consumer culture, transmedia branding, and media engagement. Behice has been acknowledged and approached as a strategist, storyteller, and scholar across the globe and consulted brands, ad agencies, media practitioners, scholars, entrepreneurs, and politicians. She has published at top marketing academic journals and received several Best Paper & thought leadership awards and MSI (Marketing Science Institute) grants. She was part of the President Obama’s election campaign at Obama For America Headquarters with the Tech and Digital Team in 2012. [Strategist. Scholar. Sherpa. Storyteller.] 


Behice holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering; MBA in Finance & Marketing; MSc in Consumer Culture Theory & Qualitative Methods; and, a PhD in Marketing with minors in Communication & Sociology from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  


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