Len May

Endocanna Health, Inc. Kurucu Ortak ve CEO || Endocanna Health, Inc. CEO & Co-Founder


Mr. May brings more than 25 years of cannabis and genomics experience to Endocanna Health. A pioneer in the medical cannabis industry, May has been instrumental in shaping the current legislation and culture. He has held past positions as President of the Cannabis Action Network and Board Member and Lifetime Member of California Cannabis Association. May is the current chair of the CBDIA science board, and is a stakeholder in some of the industry’s most iconic brands. His areas of expertise include the workings of the Endocannabinoid system and how DNA and genetic expression play a role in personalized health and wellness leveraging the revolutionary platform of EndoDNA. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist in Medicinal Genomics, May has an indepth knowledge of genomics, cannabinoids and terpenes, and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system. As well, he holds a Masters of Medical Cannabis and a certificate in Endocannabinoid Formulation from the Institute for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine. Mr. May is an accomplished public speaker having presented on these topics on some of the world’s most prestigious stages in his mission to help educate the population about the healing powers of cannabis. A published author “Making Cannabis Personal” and the host of the popular “Everything is Personal” podcast.

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